Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Beatles Rock!!

WOW!  I love this picture by Morris Goen.  This is the courtyard at the Hotel Valencia.  It is a truly striking setting, especially if you are having a more intimate wedding.  By the way, the fountain is gorgeous, and combines the elements of water and fire.  Just, wow!  This wedding was designed by Carey Millington at Goen South Wedding Consulting.  She did such a wonderful job.

"I want the quartet to play Beatles music."

Now, why is this wedding a highlight?  Well, Mackey Ward hired a String Quartet from Allegretto Music.  No sweat, just another day in the office, right?  A few weeks later she calls and says: "Okay, I want to have exclusively Beatles music played for my wedding."  And it had to be specifically a group of songs that she and her fiance, Will, absolutely loved.  Well, needless to say that the quartet-specific sheet music for these songs wasn't part of our trusty wedding music collection, or anybody else's, for that matter.  

GASP!?  Not really.  It's a good thing Mackey hired us.  We are the only music company in San Antonio that will special-write music for your celebration, even if it's not what people would consider "wedding music".  We've written everything from Luther Vandross to Foo Fighters.  

The String Quartet played In My Life for the wedding party entrance, and Mackey walked down the aisle to a classical piece by Rachmaninoff, the only non-Beatle selection.  Mackey and Will selected Some Things for their special music during the ceremony, and they marched out as husband and wife to All You Need Is Love.  Even the prelude music was hand-picked, special-written, Beatles songs that Will and Mackey love:  Don't Let Me Down, And I Love Her, Here There Everywhere, Girl, If I Fell and others.

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